Hello night owls and early birds.


Today quick and easy: Our first hotlines are running up and are ready to connect: Neu-Isenburg, Bockenheim, Niederrad/Schwanheim/Goldstein/Flughafe, Seckbach/Riederwald/Fechenheim/Bergen Enkheim, Ginnheim/Eschersheim/Dornbusch, Bornheim/Nordend/Ostend and Rödelheim now have numbers and are starting with their work. But these groups urgently need help!


A big thank you to all the People that through their big and small donations helped us pay off our advance payments and even the server costs for which we had some time left – Yeah! We would like to keep the Moneypool running for a little longer to be prepared for the upcoming events and have at least a small financial buffer. It was certainly really touching for us to see how much all of you are willing to share.

Support the Organisation of your District-Group

Sign up for the support tables by using
Give: I offer help
Orga: I offer help with the phone hotline
Need: I need help

You can easily do hotline work from home for which you are not required to leave the house or pick up a phone somewhere. As soon as your request is done or as soon as you have been assigned a partnership, please delete your posts independently! If you want to reply to someone offering help, please do so through private messages. Click on the name of the person and select ‘send message’.

Tough Situations

A crisis like this brings out the good as well as the bad in people. If anything uncomfortable or bad happens to you in this group, please reach out to the group admins of this group or of your local district-group.

Press Inquiries

The press continues to keep showing great interest in our work. Please contact if you feel like being accompanied when volunteering- regardless of whether that is by a newspaper or television.

So far so good,
Stay healthy!