Home is not necessarily a safe place for everybody.

You are not alone.

Home #stayhome? Home is not necessarily a safe place for everybody.

Since the spreading of Corona Virus affects all our lifes and brings many changes with it, the question of the impact quarantine and curfews have is increasingly discussed. All schools, nurseries and day care centres in Germany have been closed since 03/16/2020. People are asked to stay at home.

But what if that’s not safe either?

Conflicts in adult relationships as well as between parents and children can be intensified by the current situation. Existential fear or fear of the future, worrying about the health of those close to us, loss of employment, missing recreational opportunities and decreased social contact amplify frustration and aggression. Women and children already threatened by domestic violence are in even more danger than usual. To look for support and advice is not always easy. But even in the current situation there is the possibility to contact someone and get help. There is a nationwide telephone number of women threatened by domestic violence can call. The hotline is manned AT ALL TIMES. There is also online consultation via chat available. The consultation can be conducted in 17 languages and can guide to other organisations in Frankfurt that are able to offer help on the spot.

Help Hotline “Violence Against Women”:

Your physician may also be a good contact point when threatened by domestic violence. Neighbours, friends or family members might as well. Look after one another, be solidary. Neighbours should not ignore possible hints of domestic violence occurring but contact the police. In emergencies the police can be reached dialling 110.

You are not alone.

Points of contact and counselling centres

Furthermore, there are many websites listing counselling centres. For example:

Superhero against violence:

The Women’s Unit of Frankfurt City annually issues a guide for women, which also lists points of contact.

Download here:

Points of contact and counselling centres in Frankfurt

Frauen helfen Frauen e.V.:

Frauenrecht ist Menschenrecht:


Wildwasser Frankfurt:

Fem Mädchenhaus:

Pro Familia: