Help & Advice

A list of contact and advice centres that support you in a wide variety of situations.

Home Help & advice

Phone numbers

Emergency medical services:

(all free)

Emergency call (emergency services / fire brigade):

(all free)

Telephone counseling Frankfurt:

(all free)

Help phone »Violence against women«:

(all free)

Child protection hotline of the State of Hesse:

(all free)

Federal ministry of health information phone on the corona virus:

Information phone of the State of Hesse:

(all free)

Information phone depression:

(all free)

Addiction and drug hotline:

(Fixed network: 14ct/min, mobile: max. 43ct/min)

Children and Youth phone:

(all free)

Telephone helpline:

/ / (all free)


Online counselling for children and young people of the Haus der Volksarbeit e.V.:

Online counselling for parents of the Haus der Volksarbeite.V.: