Dealing with Corona

What can I do – for myself and society?

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Stop Fake News

There are a lot of inaccurate, exaggerated, sensationalistic stories circulating on social media and messenger services right now. It’s everyone’s responsibility to stop the spread of mis- and disinformation. If you come across a post or message without a reliable source, ask the sender about where it came from, and get them to join the fight to stop unreliable and fake news.

Compassion and Cool-Headedness instead of Panic and Blame

People are different. They have different ways of coping with uncomfortable situations and events, and that’s ok. The challenge is to be aware of the seriousness of the situation without causing panic. If someone around you is behaving in a way you don’t think is appropriate, talk to them about it. Stay down-to-earth, and explain your point of view without passing blame. It’s not about chastizing people, it’s about keeping a cool head empathizing with others’ situations.

Do not hoard supplies

Hoarding supplies create a vicious circle of panic and are detrimental to everyone, even though only the few are doing it. No one needs 20 packages of toilet paper, but 20 different people may each need one package. And there are many people who really rely on cheap products, and have a problem when all the economy-priced groceries are sold out and only the luxury products remain. No hoarding!

Good hygiene

Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly, whenever you come home and after each contact with people or objects outside! Do it after shopping, using public transportation, etc. Do not share cutlery, cups, bottles, etc., and try to touch your face as little as possible. When you pay for goods, use NFC or EC/ credit card whenever possible and take your own shopping basket to the store. If you need to sneeze or cough, do it in the crook of your arm, not your hands or into the air. And clean your phone!

Physical distance

One of the strongest aids in combatting the Corona virus is the distance you keep between you and others. It’s not just about the so-called risk groups! Anyone can be a carrier of the virus and multiply the spread. Reduce your contact with others as much as possible. No parties (not even in your own shared flat), no pub nights, dancing, etc. Avoid bodily contact – no hand shaking, hugging, etc. and keep a safety distance of two meters. Nonetheless: no one should be allowed to isolate socially. Just use chats, calls, videos, etc. to stay in touch!

Do not block medical facilities

Even though all the talk is about COVID-19: a cold is a cold and the flu is the flu. Inform yourself about the differences between the flu, the cold and COVID-19, and stay at home if you think you are affected. And don’t block emergency telephones! 112 is only for acute emergencies. Your general practicioner doctor should be your first phone call.

Think twice about returning concert tickets

If you’ve bought tickets to cultural events, especially those of small, independent artists and musicians, think twice about canceling your tickets. Leaving your ticket unused is like a donation.

Support food banks and other institutions

The spread of Corona is also a big challenge for food banks and has caused many to close completely across Germany. The 1.6 million food bank patrons need our support, and the German “Tafel” is calling on us for a wave of solidarity.

Blood donations are needed!

The reserves of donor blood are currently being quickly depleted. As Corona expands its reach, blood donations are in shorter and shorter supply. For this reason, the German Red Cross has called on us to donate blood and make a contribution to battling Corona.

Be nice and say thank you!

 Many fellow residents working in the health sector and elsewhere are doing their very best and helping us all to persevere. Whether its the staff of retail stores, medical researchers, transportation workers, policepeople, etc., be friendly to these people and don’t make their jobs any harder than they already are. And don’t forget to tell them “thank you”!