Solidarity despite Corona

As a neighbourhood, we want to help each other so that nobody is alone – shopping, childcare, walking the dog, etc.

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Dear neighborhood,

due to the current situation of the Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 we would like to help each other as a ­community so that nobody is alone. We want to help each other with shopping, walking the dog, child care, exchange/loan of everyday items, etc.

Skin colour, sex or gender does not play a role!
Please also think of our (older) neighbours who do not have a smartphone.
Through solidarity we will get through the next weeks together.

Therefore we have a chat group created on the news app Telegram.
So everybody can offer and receive help.

In case of serious suspicion of Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 please dial or and in case of serious medical emergencies dial (Only in case of emergency!).

You need help with shopping, childcare, walking your dog or something else? Just call the number of your city group.

We want to organize and join forces. For this purpose we mainly use telegraph groups.